Purchasing Pavers

Helping you make sure you get the correct size to suit your paving / tiling project. This guide should help you through the process…

How To Purchase Your Paving

1. Measure the area to be paved (LxW) to determine the M2 that will be required to complete your project. Please remember to consider up to 10% wastage.

2. Browse our portfolio online premierporcelain.co.uk

3. Insert the desired number of M2 or individual tiles into the calculator which is shown on each product page and add the product to your basket.

4. Either continue to browse our portfolio or proceed to checkout

5. Please note the calculator offers two price points both M2 and as a individual tile cost.

6. Enter all relevant delivery details and any specific delivery options please remember to double check all your delivery details and inform us of any potential delivery issues in the comments section provide, please note:

Standard Delivery is 3-5 Working Days.

Express Delivery is available but all orders must be placed before 11am.

You have the option to forward book your delivery day if required however if a forward booking is not required simply leave this section blank and continue with standard or express delivery options.

All delivery time frames are subject to local network restrictions

7. Proceed to payment

8. We advise to purchase a few extra pavers just in case you are short or have any damages as we cannot guarantee any further orders or replacements will be available when you need them or they will be the same shade and batch. It is always worthwhile to keep a few spare pavers for the future.

What happens once my payment is complete?

Once your payment is completed you will receive a email notification informing you that your order is being processed.

We will inform you once your order has been picked and is ready for dispatch.

You will receive a number of tracking and delivery notifications from our delivery partners to ensure you can prepare for your delivery.

Your order will be delivered on to Kerbside via a 18T Tail Lift vehicle.

Please see the videos below for more information or read our key information, delivery guide and installation guide before purchasing your paving.