Quartz City 900x600x20mm Beige Outdoor Porcelain Paving

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  • Commercial & Residential Use
  • Full Body Porcelain

Creating unique and yet functional outdoor spaces is becoming increasingly popular, and now seen as  one of the most important areas of a contemporary home. Porcelain paving is the perfect solution to create beautiful external spaces throughout the year. Quartz City 900×600 is a stone effect beige / stone technical outdoor porcelain paving slab. Suitable for patio, driveway, commercial alongside all residential applications and part of our premium paving range.

Our porcelain pavers are manufactured under strict criteria All our pavers conform to European regulations for anti-slip performance. Manufactured with an emphasis on achieving a very demanding mechanical performance our 20 mm thick porcelain pavers are more than four times more resistant to breakage than other conventional porcelain.This is a exceptional product both aesthetically and technically.

This product is available to order by the M2 simply insert the quantity required into the calculator below and proceed to checkout.

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Are you looking for outstanding quality outdoor porcelain paving?

Quartz City is a natural stone effect  porcelain paver, available in the size 900×600x20mm with rectified finish. This  paver is a premium quality technical porcelain and suitable for paths, patios and driveways  is an extremely strong, durable, anti slip,  porcelain paver manufactured to the highest standards from one of the leading manufacturers in the external porcelain sector.We therefore comply with the European requirements for non-slip porcelain for PTV 36+  DIN 51130 (R11, inclination from 19 to 27º), DIN 51097 (A+B+C)

This is a superior technical porcelain the quality, durability and technical characteristics surpass anything available in the market today and only available from premierporcelain.co.uk.


  • Outdoor Porcelain Pavers  provide an exceptionally consistent finish to your outdoor space. Porcelain slabs are highly durable and require minimal maintenance.
  • We advise to blend the pavers visually before final application, this will ensure that you are happy with any tonal variation.
  • Dry laying will also allow you to determine which tiles you can select for the external cuts of your project.
  • Please remember to factor in 5-10% for cuts, wastage and breakages.
  • All tiles shown on this website are shown as nominal tile sizes. The nominal size is the expected production size of the tile plus the joint size. For example, a tile with a nominal size of 600 x 600 mm will typically have a production size of 597 x 597 mm (+3 mm joint width).
  • A degree.of variation is intentional within the design of some of our products to provide a more natural looking finish.
  • Please refer to our further information section regarding ordering, delivery options and installation above


Weight25 kg
DimensionsDepth: 900 mm Width: 600 mm Height: 20 mm




M2 Pallet



Quartz City

Shipping Weight KG


Slip Rating

PTV 36+, R11 – Anti Slip

Pack/Pallet Quantity


Patio & Driveway

Suitable For Both



Delivery Information

Pricing is inclusive of VAT

Delivery is kerbside via a 7.5 or 18T vehicle

Standard Delivery is inclusive where the order value exceeds £599 for orders with a value of less than £599 delivery costs will be calculated at checkout. Certain postcode exclusions apply please see our delivery section

Key Information

Ordering Pavers

Please carefully measure the area to be paved LxW to determine the M2 required for your project and factor in + 5-10% for cuts and wastage.

Product dependant we sell some products for example 600×600 & smaller formats by the M2, simply measure the area to be paved and add the desired M2 into the on page calculator which will identify how many pavers are required for your project.

Larger Sized products we sell some by the M2 & others by patio pack each product has information on how many M2 are contained on each patio pack. Simply add the desired number of patio packs to your basked and proceed to checkout.:

Sizing & Shading

There are standards throughout Europe for determining the dimensional characteristics (length, width, thickness, straightness of sides, rectangularity, surface flatness) and the surface quality of tiles.

ISO 10545.2 is the standard for dimensions on porcelain tiles. The ISO required value for bowing / warpage is ± 0.5%. This means on a larger 1200x600mm porcelain tile the bowing can be upto 6mm and still conform to the correct standards. Whilst most manufacturers have higher standards than the ISO standards and this amount of bowing would be very rare.

You also need to be aware that sizing of slabs is nominal size, so a product advertised as 600x600mm after rectification for example may well be 597x597mm.

Your pavers will arrive from one production shade and batch however we can not guarantee subsequent orders will be the same shade and batch therefore please consider this when you work out your quantities to order.

Please also see our key information guide

Where To Use This Product


Benefits Of This Product

Porcelain Paving

The use of porcelain paving started several years ago in mainland Europe. This trend started to filter through to the UK although consumers remained sceptical about the use of ceramics and porcelain for external usage the benefits of porcelain paving have become very widely known over the last few years.

What is Porcelain Paving?

Porcelain is a ceramic material pressed into the desired format (shape) and fired at around 1,200 degrees which eradicates almost 100% of the moisture. The nature of manufacturing means that porcelain has minimal water absorption (not more than 0.5%.) but is also an extremely hard and durable material.

Why purchase paving from premierporcelain.co.uk?

With over 20 years experience of sourcing products for commercial and residential applications, alongside our technical experience of R&D and manufacturing of ceramic and porcelain we have a wealth of knowledge in the manufacture and supply of this product. The products we offer are supplied to some of the most demanding market sectors in the the world and not only meet but often exceed any technical requirements. Technical data sheets are available to view on our Technical Data Page providing you with assurances that you are purchasing a high performance premium quality product.

Porcelain paving benefits (summary)

Porcelain paving comes in a variety of sizes and finishes the manufacturing process means porcelain can replicate most natural stones and unlike many stone products porcelain paving is produced with precision tolerance and generally it is manufactured with a rectified edge it should always achieve an anti-slip rating of R11. All our porcelain paving is minimum R11 but more importantly is PTV 36+.

The nature of porcelain manufacture also provides more than aesthetic benefits for example:

  • It is relatively simple to install
  • Once installed and in use, porcelain paving is virtually maintenance free; it doesn’t stain, is highly resistant to scratches and is UV and frost-proof.
  • Anti-Slip
  • Often natural stone or concrete slabs are used on patios; however, these materials can require regular cleaning and sealing, and can look a little old fashioned. If you are looking for a long-lasting and modern looking alternative to traditional paving products, porcelain is the perfect choice.

Overall, with the amount of choice in both colour and designs now available to the consumer, porcelain paving is often seen as the ultimate product for that contemporary finish too an outdoor space. With the trends for the future combining the indoor with the outdoor the use of porcelain will become increasing standard over the next few years.

Is porcelain paving slippery?

Our external 20mm porcelain paving achieves a minimum value of R11, whilst there are many types of finishes on porcelain tiles our products are all anti- slip, minimum and often exceeding R11 and all our products are certified and tested in accredited testing facilities.

Is porcelain paving difficult to cut?

Porcelain is a very hard a durable material and in short you need the appropriate equipment other than that 20mm porcelain can be cut and fabricated as per other materials please see our installation guide for further information.

What is the best method for installation?

The short answer to this is it depends on what finish you are attempting to achieve, the usage and location. Typically four main methods exist please see our installation guide for further information.

How to maintain porcelain paving?

Porcelain paving is simple to maintain please see our installation guide for further information.

What is Rectified / Non Rectified?

Rectification is an additional manufacturing process, generally rectified product enables a perfectly straight edge and has perceived aesthetic value to non rectified products we only offer rectified products here at premierporcelain.co.uk

Can you acquire finishing products for porcelain?

The short answer is yes you can but often these require a bespoke production please visit our Bespoke Product section.

Can you install porcelain paving on a driveway?

Products suitable for driveway installation are now available, generally the answer to this question has a number considerations, traffic, load bearing, quality of paving and installation. We have a number of ranges that can be used for driveway installation please click the link to driveway porcelain slabs.

Hints & Tips

So you have made the decision to renovate your outdoor space with porcelain paving hopefully from Premier Porcelain. Now it’s time to get your paving ordered and plan your new unique external space. Your porcelain tiles are going to last a lifetime if installed and maintained correctly. So here are some handy tips to make the most of your new porcelain paving project.

Installing porcelain paving has 4 key methods please see the following links for more information.

Installing Paving

Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Paving A Summary

You are purchasing a high quality external porcelain paver, which generally will be 20mm in thickness and rectified. The product is Durable, High Load Bearing Properties, Anti Slip, Frost Proof, Stain & Acid Resistant. The product can be used in many areas i.e Patios,Driveways*, Garages, Commercial & Residential Applications see more here.

Ordering Your Porcelain Paving

Is very easy at Premier Porcelain. Measure your area (M2), browse our portfolio, each product has all the key information you need alongside a handy calculator which will show you how many slabs or M2 are required for your project. Add the products to your basket, provide us with any key information we need too be aware of and complete checkout.

The Quality Aspect

All our paving is rectified, anti slip (Min R11/ PTV 36+) made in Europe and conforms to EN14411. PTV is the only British Standard, BS 7976: Parts1-3, 2002.2 and is the test recognised by the HSE and we ensure all our paving meets these requirements as minimum. Pendulum test values range from 19 – 36 ( a product with a rating of 36+ means a lower 1 in a million risk of a slip).

So What Else Do I Need To Know?

Size & Shading

Apart from EN14411 other standards you should be aware of are ISO 10545.2 is the standard for dimensions on porcelain tiles. The ISO required value for bowing / warpage is ± 0.5%. This means on a larger 1200x600mm porcelain tile the bowing can be upto 6mm and still conform to the correct standards. Whilst most manufacturers have higher standards than the ISO standards and this amount of bowing would be very rare.

Large format rectangular tiles for example 1200×600 or 1000×1000 mm should be laid in a bonded fashion we recommend 70:30 in conjunction with a wider grouting joint to prevent what is called Lippage.

All sizes are nominal, therefore a product advertised as 600×600 and so for example may well actually be 597×597 after rectification please consider this when planning your area to be paved.

Your pavers will arrive from one production shade and batch however we can not guarantee subsequent orders will be the same shade and batch. Therefore please consider this when you work out your quantities to order.

Your Paving Delivery

Will arrive on a Tail Lift Vehicle (7.5 or 18T). Your delivery should be checked as soon as possible to ensure you have:

The Correct Quantities

Same Batch

Product Colour Is Correct


  • Always order a few extra slabs and keep them stored in your garage for future shade matching.
  • Provide as much information as possible concerning any potential issues you foresee regarding delivery, this will save time and avoid any costly re-delivery charges.

Once the paving slabs are signed for it will be assumed that the goods you have received are correct and claims for quantity, batching and colour may be rejected. Once the slabs are laid then we can accept no liability for any issues concerning shade, quantity, colour or sizing please see our terms & conditions for further information.

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