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What Is Levelling Compound?

A levelling compound, or self-levelling underlayment, is a specialised material used in construction and flooring projects to create a smooth surface.

This compound is typically made of cement-based mixtures combined with polymers or other additives to enhance its flow and self-levelling properties.

It is applied to uneven or damaged subfloors before installing various types of flooring, such as tile, hardwood, or vinyl. The levelling compound is poured onto the surface and spreads to fill low spots, cracks, and gaps.

It dries and hardens, providing a stable foundation for the flooring materials and ensuring a seamless and professional finish. The use of levelling compound improves the floor's appearance and helps prevent issues like unevenness, cracking, and premature wear of the flooring material.

Why Use Self-Levelling Compound?

The self-levelling compound is commonly used in construction and flooring projects for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it helps create a smooth surface by levelling out irregularities and imperfections in the subfloor.

You can even use this compound when underfloor heating; self-levelling compounds are perfect for all floor coverings, especially tiles.

This is particularly important when installing sensitive flooring materials like tile, hardwood, or vinyl, as any bumps or uneven areas can affect the final appearance and performance of the floor. You can achieve a flawless and professional finish using a self-levelling compound.

Additionally, a self-levelling compound is highly convenient and easy to work with. It has a self-levelling property, meaning it spreads out and fills in low spots, cracks, and gaps.

This saves both time and effort during the installation process, as there is no need for extensive manual levelling or smoothing of the subfloor. The compound is poured onto the surface and naturally levels itself, creating a flat and even base for the flooring material.

Moreover, the self-levelling compound provides excellent stability and durability. Once it dries and hardens, it forms a solid foundation that helps prevent unevenness, cracking, or premature flooring wear.

This enhances the floor's longevity and reduces the risk of costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Get A Smooth And Level Surface Using Self-Levelling Compounds

Tile and floor levelling compound can be used under existing tiles and as a floor screed under timber floors; it is truly a unique and versatile product.

Achieving a smooth and level surface is crucial in various construction and flooring projects, and self-levelling compounds are the perfect solution.

compounds are designed to create an even foundation by filling in gaps, cracks, and uneven areas on the subfloor. When applied, the self-levelling compound spreads effortlessly, utilising its unique flow properties to settle and level out the surface automatically.

This eliminates labour-intensive manual levelling and ensures a consistent and seamless base for the subsequent flooring materials.

Whether you are installing tiles, hardwood, laminate, or vinyl, using self-levelling compounds guarantees a flawless and professional finish, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional stability.

With their ability to create a smooth and level surface, self-levelling compounds are an essential tool in the construction and flooring industry, allowing for the successful completion of projects with precision and efficiency.

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