Bespoke Sourcing Services

What We offer:

Here at Premier Porcelain ltd, we have over 25+ years experience in product development & sourcing products for major retail chains, commercial & residential projects both in the UK, Europe & beyond. We have an extensive network of suppliers with whom we are proud to be associated with & have excellent working relationships with which may assist you when sourcing a specific product for your project.

We offer various services from simple consultancy to product development right the way through to a full end to end sourcing service which includes Logistics QA & ethical sourcing management. Our costs are calculated in accordance to the complexity and detail of your project. Any correspondence with us regarding your project is totally confidential and we will undertake no work until instructed to do so by a client.

What Product Do We Source?

Our specific area of expertise is Wall & Floor Coverings (SPC, Natural Stone, Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles) , Sanitary Ware & Bathroom related products however we are happy to discuss any product request you may have.

Where Do We Source Product From?

Our network of suppliers is truly global, the ultimate location suited to your product request will be determined based on a number of factors once we have the full detail of your product & project need.

What Are Our Costs?

Our cost is based on the complexity & detail required for your project which can be discussed and agreed before commence any work on your behalf.

What Type Of Business Is This Service For?

This service is B2B and only for larger organisations whom are looking to outsource product development & sourcing for a specific product needs. For example we have complete product for residential construction, hotels, hospitality venues & many independent stores both in the UK and overseas for more information contact us at

Please contact us to discuss your project

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